Strategic Plan Overview

As Manchester changes and evolves, it is critical that the public school system continues to serve the community in a way that will sustain the growth and vitality of the city. This is why the Manchester Board of School Committee, is undertaking the development of a comprehensive Five Year Strategic Plan. 

According to Robert W. Ewy’s book Stakeholder-Driven Strategic Planning in Education, the strategic planning process should yield the following results:
  • Clear statements of the challenges district leaders must address over the next five years 
  • Clear and carefully defined statements of key student and institutional performance requirements 
  • Clear statements of what standards stakeholders use to evaluate the quality of district education programs and outcomes 
  • A clear understanding of the priorities that direct the development of financial plans and budgets 
  • A deployment plan that leads to improvement of student and organizational performance 
  • The community as a stronger ally and friend 
This will be a time consuming process which will require significant allocation of resources to accomplish, but it will be well worth it. The strategic planning process will take about one year and will include the following components.
  1. Community engagement and input gathering from Stakeholders 
  2. An audit of current conditions and practice in the Manchester School District 
  3. Development of Vision and Mission Statements 
  4. Analysis of data and development of goals and strategies for improvement 
  5. Development and approval of the written strategic plan 
  6. Development of an implementation plan and deployment strategies 
The process will begin on November 19 with a kickoff event featuring an overview and small group discussions. The information collected at this event will be used to develop an on-line survey which will be available here. Additional focus groups will also be conducted to insure that all constituent groups are represented.

Be sure to visit this site frequently to monitor progress and learn about additional opportunities to become involved.