Community Discussion

On March 14, 2013 a group of 35 stakeholders, who attended the kickoff in November, reassembled at Southern New Hampshire University to review the findings of the survey and focus groups. After a delightful meal furnished by the college, each table discussed the findings and developed three recommendations to give to the strategic planning committee. 

Table 1
  1. Provide and environment where learning can take place not constrained by funding
  2. Find alternative ways for students to show competency
  3. Training and retention of teachers critical-learn to use updated tools and methods
Table 2
  1. Don’t constrain opportunities of building strategic plan by funding issues - don’t limit development
  2. Make sure in include alternative assessments to determine achievement
  3. Use diversity of community
Table 3
  1. Use public relations to emphasize the positive
  2. Prioritize reading in early grades
  3. Explore alternative methods of learning
Table 4
  1. Increase decision-making power of superintendent
  2. Expand communication among all stakeholders good and bad
  3. Develop plan after thorough review of district strengths and weaknesses.
Table 5
  1. Study correlation between professional development and student achievement
  2. Preserve healthy school culture- teacher recognition/ mentoring programs
  3. Use resources we already have in the district
Table 6
  1. Make the plan concise with minimal goals, measurable outcomes, widely publicized
  2. Establish organized pr/ community outreach strategy
  3. Accountability for student achievement
Table 7
  1. School structure that promotes critical thinking opportunities for teachers
  2. Be more proactive not reactive. Let superintendent do his job
  3. Board of School Committee should be required to spend time in schools.

The committee will present these recommendations along with other materials from the event to the strategic planning committee when it is formed under the new superintendent.